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WISH Program

All community members requesting services will receive an assessment by a qualified health professional. In the event an individual’s needs can be better served in an outside program, a referral to another trusted and capable facility will be provided.

About WISH Program

WISH provides comprehensive services for community members who have been physically, sexually, and/or emotionally abused and those affected by or witnessed domestic violence. Emotional, physical, and sexual abuse can chip away at one’s spirit and leave lifelong wounds. Healing can begin when the person being abused no longer feels alone in their pain and can access the help of others. YES Community Counseling Center understands that a trusting therapeutic relationship is the first step toward hope and healing. Staff is extensively trained in working with those who have been abused.

WISH seeks to provide comprehensive services for community members, including women, men, and children who have been physically, sexually, and /or emotionally abused and those affected by or who witness domestic violence. This program aims to empower those who have been abused to access internal strengths and external resources necessary to reach one’s potential.​​

WISH Services Include:

Services include individual counseling, family counseling, case management, advocacy, and referrals, based on the unique needs and circumstances of the person in need. Additional agency programs are available to those who have been abused and family members; these may include substance abuse treatment, parenting skill groups, and leisure time activities.​

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