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Community Coalitions and Projects of YES

YES Community Counseling Center partners with community coalitions in providing school-based programs, intervention services, and environmental strategies. 

The mission of Massapequa Takes Action Coalition (MTAC) is to prevent and reduce youth substance misuse to promote a healthy Massapequa. MTAC proactively addresses the factors in our community that increase the potential for substance misuse, and they promote protective factors that help our youth grow up healthy and drug free. MTAC works tirelessly to support and educate our community about the dangers and prevention of substance misuse. Working together, we utilize evidence-based strategies to promote healthy families.

In 2015, LCAC was founded and has continued to address the issues of heroin, opiates and prescription drug misuse; underage drinking, and substance use among youth in the Levittown and Island Trees communities. We work under the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) including assessment, capacity building, strategic planning, implementation and evaluation. 

Partnering In Action Change For Tomorrow (PACT)

YES Community Counseling Center’s PACT (Partnering in Action and Change for Tomorrow) project is funded through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (SAMHSA-CSAP). The purpose of this grant project is to prevent the onset and reduce the progression of substance abuse through the strengthening of prevention capacity and infrastructure at the community level. The program is intended to address one of the nation’s top substance abuse prevention priorities. 

YES Community Counseling Center a licensed NYS OASAS facility, has received funding from SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) to support youth ages 17 to 25 years of age and their families at risk for and impacted by substance use. With our partners, BRIDGES (Building Resources for Individuals to Develop, Guide, Encourage, and Support) will also support historically underserved populations such as young adult veterans, Latinx young adults, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and those involved with the criminal justice system. This program seeks to influence cultural norms that are conducive to reaching young people where they live, learn, and socialize who are living with substance use and mental health concerns.


BRIDGES provides comprehensive strength based prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery services, ensuring accessibility to critical services through our grant partners. Training and services are provided to assist schools, colleges, and other organizations to develop a supportive environment for young adults. BRIDGES seeks to engage, support and empower young adults and their families, identify needs, overcome barriers to get help, and to mobilize community recovery support services.

Hispanic Alliance For Prevention Coalition (HAP) 

The mission of the Hispanic Alliance for Prevention Coalition (HAP) is to provide social, economical, educational, and health resources and support aimed at reducing the risk factors associated with Substance use for Hispanic Youth ages 12-17 in Nassau County.

La misión de la Coalición de la Alianza Hispana para la Prevención (HAP) es brindar apoyo y recursos sociales, económicos, educativos y de salud destinados a reducir los factores de riesgo asociados con el uso de sustancias para los jóvenes hispanos de 12 a 17 años en el condado de Nassau.

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