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Treatment for Family Members

Loving a person with addiction concerns can be a significant stressor. YES provides support to children, teens, and adults who have experienced addiction within their family system. Services are holistic based and treat not only the impact that family addiction has had, but any other challenges that an individual or family may be facing. Individual, family, and group counseling can aid the healing process as well as help a person understand their role in strengthening their family system.  

Family At Church
Specialized Group Services Include:
Significant other group
Significant Other Group

Supporting parents in facing the challenges of navigating substance abuse/addiction within the family system.  Support and guidance are provided surrounding adolescent, young adult, and family issues that arise or are exacerbated by addiction.

Family Support Group

Providing education, process, and support to those adults who have been impacted by their partner’s or parent’s addiction patterns.  This group will aim to facilitate a greater understanding on how to better respond to addiction within the family system and provide information about recovery-oriented resources.

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