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Treatment for Adults

The adult addiction treatment program combines individual therapy with specialized group counseling. Couples or family counseling may be encouraged to best address the unique needs of the individual and help strengthen supports.  Each individual receives a comprehensive assessment and recommendations are based on their unique needs and goals.

Mother and Daughter

Specialized Group Services Include:

SMART Recovery

(Self-Management and Recovery Training) an evidence-based approach to strengthen skills to respond to substance use patterns and build a pathway to recovery.

Mindful Recovery

Providing a foundation of recovery skills through mindfulness techniques and coping skills.

Connections Recovery Groups

Providing education, support, and intervention to those who have addiction concerns and are in need of a better understanding of the many facets of recovery.

Adult Drug and Alcohol Psycho-educational Series

A 12-week educational series created to provide information about addiction, mental health, and the functions of counseling.

New Dawn Recovery Group

An open, morning group for those who are in need of recovery-based support.

Other agency services available to those in our program includes:
  • Stress Management Group

  • Parenting Skill Groups (Active Parenting, an evidence-based program)

  • Bereavement Group for those who lost a loved one to addiction

  • Case management related to domestic violence and/or child abuse

  •  Women’s Support Group

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